Get a Witness for Your Important Documents

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It’s important to follow the proper processes and procedures to make sure your legal issue gets handled as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, that means having your documents witnessed and signed by a notary public. Gem State Servers offers inexpensive, quick notary services at our office in Boise or Nampa, Idaho.

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3 things your notary can do

3 things your notary can do

Not sure what a notary does? Don’t worry—many people don’t know. Your notary will:

  1. Serve as a witness when you’re signing official documents.
  2. Ensure that everyone who signed the documents did so freely and willingly.
  3. Prove the identities of the document signers.

We offer notary services at our office in Boise, ID, but we can also come to you for an additional fee. Contact Gem State Servers today to learn more about the notary services we provide.